Hi, I'm Karen Booker
Karen Booker at shoe shop

I design and make very cool shoes for modern women who don’t want to be invisible

Is that you? 
It's definitely me!   I want to wear great shoes and I want to be seen and admired.  

I've worked in the fashion industry my whole career and when

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it came time for me to start my own label I knew I had to create shoes that enable women, not hobble them.  

I don’t want my feet to be strangled AND I want my footwear to be seen and admired, so that is what I set out to create, when I started my label in 2014.  My shoes are super comfortable and yep! they are wider fitting because the average Australasian foot width is C not B. 

You don’t follow fashion in my shoes, my shoes are edgy, you lead fashion!  Can you imagine how good that feels?

I'm all about helping my customers to stand tall in their shoes, by making them feel comfortable and stylish. 

I want to make a difference to the way we as women feel about ourselves when we wear shoes.  And you know what, my shoes do make a difference, because women tell me they feel great when they wear my shoes.   You can join my email list to receive exclusive offers.