I don't follow skittish fashion trends, rather, I look to create shoes that will endure.  My shoes and accessories are graceful in their strength and boldly feminine.

I support slow fashion and thoughtful consumerism. I am passionate about delivering conceptual silhouettes paired with edgy detailing, using exquisite leathers and creating a sense of uniqueness and timeless style.

About Me

Hello!  I am Karen Booker the designer for Booker&co.  

After graduating from Wellington’s fashion school in the early 90’s, I jumped into a challenging design career in lingerie, swimwear and womenswear that allowed me to explore my love of dynamic, technical and functional design while also travelling the world.

Eventually I was drawn to Melbourne and its vibrant art and design culture and attended shoe school in 2012.  I am passionate about designing shoes with integrity and I am engaged and inspired by the unique challenge of form and function that is demanded of shoe design and determined to produce shoes with an unusual 'design edge'.

My creative work is underpinned by my love of the design process and the challenges typical to creating beautiful, interesting, functional forms and shoe and accessory design is constrained by many practical factors so I always try to take a sculptural and conceptual approach

Early on in my design career I realised that I wanted to expand my horizons and pursue a multi-disciplinary approach to design that was more than just following fashion, so I find a great sense of freedom by learning other skills and disciplines and have always incorporated these into my design aesthetic. 

I think modern women know who they are and know their own style, throwaway fast fashion doesn't cut it anymore.  We want uniqueness and longevity from our fashion. I’m the kind of person that once I find something I love, I always want it in my life.  I think we intrinsically have that inclination toward objects and clothing.  The way I approach shoe design is as wardrobe essentials, enduringly classic, long lasting and lyrical with line and form.